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Are remote control helicopters detectable by radar?
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RE: Are remote control helicopters detectable by radar?
(17-05-2011 12:12 )welenemalker Ha scritto:  I've always wondered if those little $20 remote control helicopters are detectable by radar systems, like the ones the air force uses. The reason I wonder why is because there so small and I could see the radar just ignoring thinking it was a bird or something.

So can small remote control helicopters be detected by air force radar?

Of course in theory they can . But it depends on how far is the heli from the radar (the smaller is the object the smaller is the signal that radar recieve from it) and most of all depends on the altitude of the heli (radar are structured not to "see" above an angle from the terrain to prevent eco signals to come from building an other object on the ground).

The heli you are talking about barely can go higher than few meter so it is impossible to put it in sight of the radar..
17-05-2011 23:24
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