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Is manual control (vertical tilt) of weather radar (WXR) antenna possible of equipped
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Is manual control (vertical tilt) of weather radar (WXR) antenna possible of equipped
Can pilots adjust the tilt angle of their WXR antenna while it’s (in operation) sweeping from side to side, in an effort to find the “core” of a storm? I have the impression that this is possible because of a seemingly great importance for awareness on the vertical profile the storm, since the weather radar beam naturally gives a horizontal (“slice”) profile. In an interesting way, this reminds me of a doctor using a CAT scanner...steering its beam, to draw a three-dimensional model of a patient’s affected body section. If the WXR’s beam is steerable, vertically by the pilot (while the radar set steers the beam horizontally), I’d like to know where the control for this (capability) is in the cockpit.

Max Cleanse Pro
29-01-2011 10:21
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